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Default Installation

  1. Download the newest version of Goma.
  2. Extract Goma to your Webspace
  3. Launch the URL of your Webspace by launching a browser and navigation to it, for example:
    • If you're having trouble here, make sure permissions are set or check our troubleshooting page.
  4. Start Installation by selecting Language
  5. Select "Install Goma"
  6. Select Installation-Package or Restore Folder

Command-Line Installation

$ git clone
$ php system/application.php --rebuild --dev --configure \
mysql.db=$mysql_database \
mysql.user=$mysql_user \
mysql.password=$mysql_password \$mysql_host \
mysql.prefix=$mysql_prefix \
user=$adminUser \
pwd=$newAdminPassword \
directory=$dir # most common mysite
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